"sans abri" / "without place"

Since the beginning, shoeboxes, attics or cellars have stored and conserved amateur photographs. Even if today these images are sought after and given value, the fact remains that many are still destined to the waste refuse, the rubbish bin, the tip or the incinerator.

Institutions rarely accommodate collections with similar stories. These images are too much and too little.

This is true of the collection ‘without place’, saved momentarily from the incinerator: fifty kilos of slides produced between 1970 and 2000 by a couple whose leitmotif was to travel, but off the beaten track. ‘Without name, without place’ is a tapestry of hundreds of slides embroidered by hand using a fishing line. It is a utopian net thrown to the glance and empathy of everyone.

Louise Nurse is a collective effort bringing together two associations, one patrimonial and the other humanitarian, both interested in what and who, a priori, does not interest us.

Texte Luce Lebart / traduction Rhianna Hayllor

Une expo du mois de la photo 2014 - une proposition de Louise Nurse (LN) - présentée dans la thématique Anonyme et amateurs célèbres, commissariat par Valérie Fougeirol