Visite du Museum Folkwang, Esssen, avec Florian Ebner, ce vendredi 15 novembre 2013, SFP, Paris.

Department of Photography

The Photographic Collection was established as an independent department in the Museum Folkwang in 1978. Its responsibilities are fivefold: Conservation of the collection, a temporary exhibition program with about 6 projects per year, continual new acquisitions, scholarly study of the collection and its public access.

The Photographic Collection concentrates on the periods of the 1920’s and 30’s, the 1950’s and 60’s and the present. The 19th century is, however, also well-represented by excellent works. The collection includes art, documentary and reportage photography, thematically it focuses on man and architecture. 

Currently, the Photographic Collection holds more than 60,000 photographs, the vast majority vintage prints, from the 19th to the 21st centuries by about 1,300 photographers. Apart from individual works and groups of works, the collection possesses numerous lots on various photographers or topics, various archives and estates from photographers or institutions. From the estates, negatives, equipment, references and written documents have been conserved.

The Museum Folkwang owns the copyright for Errell (Richard Levy)Germaine KrullHelmar LerskiWalter Petershans and Otto Steinert. Questions should be sent to

Study Room 
The collection is accessible via a photographer card catalogue and a slide collection of reproductions of all the collection’s photographs. For research, information on individual photographers, a thematic catalogue with general information on photography, documentation on the department’s previous exhibitions and a specialized library on photography are also available.

Head: Florian Ebner
Research Fellow: Petra Steinhardt
Administration: Christina Buschmann und Anne Küppers
T +49 201 8845 100
F +49 201 8845 123